Saturday, September 25, 2010

Home Sweet Home

So my lack of updated blogs have not gone unnoticed, and you have let me know (thanks girlies) I will do my best to start updating again. I do lots of fun things with my absolute best friends in Utah... so hopefully I'll have enough to write to keep you all entertained!

Right now I am actually home in Michigan!! Its been an amazing visit home! Friday night was Kara Walters wedding. It was a fantastic night, beautiful wedding and lots of Deephers! High lights of the night. Waiter spilling water on me. Nick's cousin AND little brother creeping on us all. Cousin Mark... that girl over there (Kathryn Eby!) told me I should ask you to dance. KAT! Anyway, one was not enough and I was stuck SLOW DANCING to Journey with him... Don't Stop Believing. IS THAT EVEN A SLOW SONG?! haha very funny. Another highlight... being reunited with my DJ friend Kevin. I met him a couple years ago when I was working the wedding circuit (aka Emerald City Design). Not gunna lie, we flirted it up in the past... BUT didn't mean he needed to creep on me all night from the DJ booth! Awkward first conversation... 'I'm really glad you're here tonight.' Me: 'Uh ya, me too. We like to dance' AWKWARD! LOL The night was awesome though. Lots of dancing and seeing old friends.

Today I got breakfast with my favorite married couple Luke and Jenny. I love love love them. They are two of the most fantastic individuals I am honored to know. Its always fun to catch up with them, talking about embarassing (usually dating) stories, struggles and accomplishments. The rest of the day was spent at UMD for Bid day. I'm not gunna lie. I was extremely emotional today! Pref ceremony reminded me of my time in the sorority and the sisterhood I am apart of. You girls mean more to me than I could ever express. Thank you so much for always thinking of me, the calls, texts, wall posts... etc. I never feel as far away as I am. This weekend has been really special seeing so many of you. I am really excited for our new members too. They are gorgeous! Great job this year girls!

Tonight was a really fun night with the family. Dinner at the MacShack... just cant get enough! The usual Euchre game night.... and some extra time with my momma :)

Tomorrow is Best Friend day with Kelly :) Monday is home to Utah :( I really love it there, but being home reminds me of all my good memories in Michigan! Oh well, guess I just need to really enjoy the next two days!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tennis Night

So last night I went on a really fun date. My date Cale (hey I'm writing about you in my blog, better than my journal!) works as a tennis instructor and made arrangements for us to play after hours at the club he works at. There were three couples... and needless to say, it was a really good time! It made me miss the summers of playing tennis with Luke, Tim and Joe. It also made me wonder how I had gotten SO rusty in a year! I was a mess! But Cale has assured me he's going to help improve my game, with a minimal fee ;-)

After church I drove 40 minutes to visit my cousin Michelle and her family. I adore them! They're so wonderful to me, and their kids are just the best! It was my first time to their house, which was beautiful. I was originally going to move in with them... and should have! Alee made me an 'Art Book' with pictures she drew for me while I was over. Tavo made me a folding box... don't ask, but it was cute. And the two youngest boys were just winning me over with their coy smiles and funny phrases. I hope to go over there more, I really want their family to know me and vice versa!

Tonight we were lucky to hear John Bytheway speak. For my friends not familiar with who he is, hes a member of the same church as me who has published books and CDs. He's a great public speaker, really funny. It was a treat to hear him speak in person and I was really touched by his message. The topic was having hope in these last days.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

One Week to go!

Worst blog ever... haha So did I write about my upcoming trips... going to be home in one week! WOOO I'm really excited for Alum ritual, my dads birthday and seeing you all! There is nothing exciting to write about... I went on a good first date tonight. So woo for that, but its not like I can write about it... that wouldn't be creepy haha Yesterday I decorated a cake with my friend Sarah from work. She taught me how to make those frosting roses... so we covered a whole round cake in them. It looked pretty baller... one step closer to dominating the wedding industry I suppose haha I had a small Easter brunch on Saturday with Ashley, Greg and Joel... we decorated Easter eggs and ate pancakes. Fun. Cute... mmmm I got a new job... but haven't started it yet. Don't want to write too much about it until its official... more to come I guess. I'm sorry, I'm gunna keep this blog going as long as possible... but the stories aren't like the ones in Sweden! Corrigan, I'm sorry! It's just a struggle! haha

Love you guys, see you soon!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Across the USA!

Hi All! So its been 2 weeks since my last post. Whats new?? I've got a few friends I've been spending a lot of time with... Greg, Joel and my roommate Ashley. On St. Patrick's day we went to a dueling piano bar which was a lot of fun. Saturday night we watched movie at a blood bank haha Greg works there so we watched The Bucket List in the huge comfy seat (3/4s of us actually feel asleep they're so comfy) and ate all the snacks meant for the patients! So I'm usually with them if I'm not at work or with Whitney and Jon. Tomorrow is our other roommates birthday so we're taking her to dinner. I'm getting lunch with my friend Kenzie tomorrow. Drum role.... we're going to Cafe Rio. People FREAK OUT here when they hear I've never eaten there... so tomorrow is the day. I guess I'll write about it if its worth while.

So its funny, nothing too exciting has been happening here... but I'm writing because I've booked two trips I'm really excited for! I'm coming home for a visit April 15th-21st and going to visit Nick Evans in Palo Alta, CA mid-May!! One of the trips was free because I used my frequent flier miles (you can imagine I had a lot haha) I'm just so excited for both of the trips! I miss you guys so much... see you in April!! I'll write when more exciting things happen...

Friday, March 5, 2010

New Car

Hi!! So good news... I believe any day now my loan for my car will come from the bank and then I will be driving my new baby!!! Its a 2008 Mazda 3... Dark dark charcoal gray (aka black) with lots of perks! Low miles, I-pod hook up, volume control in the steering wheel, plus things I haven't even explored yet! I've already named him, yes its my first male car. His is The Prince, Prince for short. Roxanne and Hildegarde shall never be forgotten... but I'm pretty excited. Here are some pictures!

I also have a second interview for a job here, so I'll keep everyone posted once I know how that goes.

Lets see what I've been up to these past few days. Car and work stuff of course, last night Whitney and Jon had me and a guy over for dinner and games. It was pretty hilarious... I just don't recommend 4-person Catch Phrase unless you're ready for a heated game haha. Update on my cheesecake: it was a 'Mexican Cheesecake' and I attempted to make it Dulce de Leche style also... HOWEVER I used store bought carmel since I couldn't find any dulce de leche. It smelled like syrup lol (maple syrup) but I'm still please I baked it right. Tonight I had a great night at work... and tomorrow Amanda (my cousin) and I are heading to South Jordan to visit our cousin Michelle and her adorable family. I should probably go to sleep so I can wake up in time! Have a great night everyone. Love you!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cheesecake and Miss yous

Hey! So tonight after work I came home and made Dulce de Leche cheesecake for tomorrow's dinner. I'm taking a gentleman friend to meet Whitney and Jon. She's making us dinner (enchiladas) so I'm providing dessert. First time making cheesecake... and it looks pretty good, hope it taste good too!

So I had an interview today at a treatment center to work as a mentor. I felt really good going in, but there were so many other applicants that I guess I'll have to wait and see.

I really miss my friends from home. Its different than how I missed you guys when I was in Sweden... this time I miss you because I just know how amazing you all are... and I hate being so far away from everything going on. I know what I'm doing out here, but sometimes I just wonder "what am i doing out here" so I'm just feelin a tiny (only a tiny) bit down, thinking of the people not here with me, or... in other words that I'm not there with. Miss and love you guys.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Long overdue.

hey blog readers. its been a little while. so ive been really busy and really happy. Two weeks ago i went though training at Macaroni Grill and I've been working on my own this past week. I like the people I work with a lot. Most of the girls are around my age, but all married... I figure they can set me up with their husbands' hot single friends. just kidding...

So what have I been so busy with you ask? I've made some great new friends that I spend a lot of my evenings with; Kara and Victoria who both live in an apartment right above mine. There are a lot of activities through the congregation I'm in at my church, and they're pretty fun! The girls are there too... so we always go together. We play a lot of games out here in Utah... but I like games so I'm not complaining. The only games I don't like are the kind with guys... they arent even 'games' but everyone are telling me about these stupid Utah rules... like not being able to date someone more than two times if you're not really interested, or you have to say yes to a first date... if you had fun on the date you text him thank you... and the list goes on and on. Its like, I'm not from here so why do I have to act like I am? Anyway I've gone on a lot of dates since getting out here... and I love it. Its hard though because of course I just wanna date one person... I'm a commitment type of person, so being single is hard for me...

Hey, just so ya'll know... I miss my Deephers so so much. I think about you girls all the time. Sorry to not write in a while... i just can't exactly put into words everything thats happening here. You guys can thank Allison for putting my butt in gear to get a post up. LOVE U ALL!